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"Herrero&López, the only Renault and Dacia Dealer in Murcia, a 56 years old company, chose Quiter Auto Web to modernize its business and optimize all its procedures."



Herrero&López S.A. started up in 1960, to sell and repair Renault vehicles, along with Dacia in 2006. During these 55 years of existence, Herrero&Lopez has sold close to 100.000 vehicles.

What made you decide to install Quiter Auto Web?

It improved our management, productivity and information reports

Is the system easy to use? What would you highlight about Quiter AutoWeb?

It´s really easy to use, I would highlight the report management and activity reports.

What are the most important differences that have been noticed with the change over to Quiter?  

Real-time accounting, management reports, new technologies (tablets, digital signature…),and new approaches and ratios of all the information that Quiter Auto Web generates.

How has Quiter contributed to the management of the dealership?

Vehicles sales and Accounting

What are the areas in which your processes have improved with the use of Quiter AutoWeb?

We have just installed Quiter AutoWeb, and we are using the 80% of it by now. We think it will be fully operative in two month time.

What has the adaptation been like on behalf of the personnel of your dealership with the change in system?

Very professional and skilled consultants, dedicated to the client from the first day.

Do you want us to call you?

If you would like to request a demo or to make any enquiries, send us your details completely obligation free and we will contact you shortly.

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