Quiter web services

DMS for official services and repair garages.

It combines all of the departments of a garage/agent in a single application: garage, warehouse, sales and accounting.
It operates ONLINE in real time with a single database and has multi-company, multi-location and multi-brand features.
Flexible and easy-to-use, thanks to its interactive web technology.


Garage office

Centralised management of the garage to control repair requests, historical records, quotations and situation reports.

Garage appointments

Module to manage prior appointments allowing the workload and availability to be controlled in a graphical way in order to offer the best customer service.

Administrator for workers

Control of the productivity of our garage with statistical reports and planning of work schedules.

Administrator for warranties

Management and control of the repair requests under warranty, the invoicing of warranties and the receipt of payments. Includes lists for the control of complaints and payments.

Administrator for replacement vehicles

Manages replacement vehicles and rental contracts completed. Direct access to planning, to contracts created and editing rentals.

Other processes, notifications, reports, statistics and lists.


Managing sales

Centralised management of the sales over the counter and to garages with access to reports, historical records of movements and definition of items.

Invoicing credit sales

Editing and control of credit summary invoices with delivered shipping notes.

Managing purchases

Centralised module for orders and purchases to suppliers for replacements with control reports and access to the procurement parameters of our warehouse.

Managing items

Control of the tariffs for spare parts. It has an administrator for replacements and reports on current stock and on previous dates.

General inventory

Module for consultation and creation of counts for the standardisation of stock, lists for counting and checking.

Inventory sampling

Managing warehouse inventory sampling, which is provided with a calender to control, establish settings for and list counts.

Other processes, notifications, reports, statistics and lists.


Managing vehicles

Managing the inventory by means of an intuitive administrator and control lists for the analysis of our stock.


Control and management of vehicle appraisals with a detailed analysis of the status of proposals made in order to work in the most efficient manner in operations.

Purchasing vehicles

Centralised control of purchases made for the dealer's stock with details of the invoices posted.

Funding in purchases

Managing funding undertaken in purchases for vehicles with complete control of amounts, deadlines and commissions with reports designed for their analysis.

Sales of vehicles

Editing invoices for sales to clients with analysis of the return for each operation.

Reports, statistics and lists


Managing accounting

Consult accounting conducted in the different business areas and edit records manually. Accounting of invoices issued and received with access to the administrator for balances.

Cash management

Control in an agile, easy and intuitive manner for the different cash flow.

Cash entries

Control in an agile, easy and intuitive manner for the different cash flow.

Collection and payment

Module for the control of client/supplier due dates for the forecast and execution of collection and payment by means of the creation of files in line with applicable bank regulations.

Fixed assets

Control of the fixed assets and the repayments made thanks to a graphic display with automatic accounting.

Completions, logbooks and balances

Control of the company's accounting cycles, issuing balances and recording documents and taxes with checklists.

Notifications and reports, settings and lists of users

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